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Behind These Hazel Eyes

All We Can Do Is Keep Breathing

If you haven't figured out yet, my name is Elizabeth. I don't fit into one specific category because I am a Renaissance woman. I am smart, witty, clever, kind, responsible, loving, strong, and pretty. And as egotistical as that may sound, it's not because I get put down at home so sadly enough I have to remind myself.
I'm a member of Pony Club (currently a C-1 but should get my c-2 before the end of school if I get my act together)and 4H (junior leader!):)I am also now a member of NHS (thank you Emily for doing hours with me)
I own two horses- Remington and Samantha, but Sam is going to stay. I love Remington; and again Lauren, his name is not Rumplestiltskin. :) And he is mine.
I used to work at a restaurant/bar but my parents put the kabosh on that. And they're still mad at me because I'm standing up for myself for once when I don't agree with them. I don't trust them therefore I don't trust them with important information, therefor they're pissed off at me still. So I've been unofficially grounded for 3 months now. Isn't that a bite in the ass? 7 months to go...
You know it sucks being around your parents when you wish your high school was a boarding school.